Andrew Nash

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Andrew Nash

Director & Solar Consultant

I have a background in engineering and agriculture.

During my career, I have been involved in management operations and sales. My main focus has always been on efficiency and to make everything more cost efficient. This makes systems better for the customer and the environment. 

I have gained vast experience in building and designing turn key projects for customers. I made a conscious decision 5 years ago and have been working in the renewable industry since. Specialising in all aspects of solar systems that have been developed for Northern Europe  and keeping an eye on all new developments in the renewable sector.

My work and career has brought me all over the globe, from Azerbaijan to Eastern Europe and as far as Western Canada.

My interests include all types of vintage machines from cars to tractors. When the weather permits, I enjoy water sports such as sailing and water skiing. I like to wind down with a good move and of course travel!

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